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how long does it take for my package to be delivered ?Updated 8 months ago

All our packages are shipped from France, near Paris. The delays will therefore be longer as they go through the French postal service, the local country's postal service and then local customs. These delivery times are given are approximate, and are dependent on the carriers. Typology cannot be held responsible for any delayed deliveries and there will be no refund of delivery charges if the delivery times are exceeded by the carriers. A possible reshipment of the order will only be granted if any anomaly is declared by the carriers, otherwise you will unfortunately have to wait. We also invite you to go directly to your local post service and to the carrier's website for more information about your parcel. We remind you that the postal services of some countries do not communicate directly with the French post office and that from the moment the parcel is accepted in your country, the parcel is under their responsibility. Any further information will be handled directly with local postal services as we are not able to contact them. We will of course gladly provide you with assistance if any issues are reported regarding the delivery of your parcel.
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