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how long does it takes to see results ?

Results are very personal and depend on many factors, including your own skin genetics.

how can i order ?

Please check that you are on the site corresponding to your country of delivery; the USA site only delivers in the United States.

what payment methods can i use?

When you confirm your order on our site, you can pay for your purchases in several ways: Via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or American Express)

how can i pay with a gift card or a voucher ?

We invite you to check first that the card has been purchased on the same site as the one where you wish to place your order (France, UK, USA, Global, Germany).

how can i select a free product ?

We frequently offer a products according to the amount of your order (excluding shipping costs). These products are selected automatically before the confirmation of your basket.

i can't modify my basket, what should i do?

If you’re experiencing issues with adding or removing products to your basket, we recommend you delete the cookies and other site data stored on your internet browser, then reconnect to our site.

do you offer promotional codes?

We have chosen not to offer any promotional codes or sales. However, you may be able to select a free product after a certain order amount.

can i combine different several pending orders ?

We do not merge orders, if you place several orders in a row by choice or by forgetting a product, they will be sent individually.

i was charged twice, what can i do ?

We invite you to check first if you have received multiple order confirmation emails with different order numbers. If only one order has been taken into account, this is probably due to a computer bug.

do you offer professional accounts ?

We do not offer professional account, our products are for personal use only at this time.